OEM/ODM/JDM Advantage

Process Management: 

The most advanced machine with ISO9001 / TS16949 quality system, a complete system of procurement group supply chain to PM for the supplier management center for the product to ensure that.


R & D Technology 

With strong research and development strength, we cooperate closely with our partners and commiting to creating value differentiation in technical industries. Focusing on the research and development drives the successful development of technology in industrial upgrading and transforming.

We set up technology research and development centers, and integrate expertise and grow our design talents.  The purpose is to improve the quality and shorten the R & D time, and we promote and integrate the technology which develop from SY technology research and development  center in R & D design process.

From ID to ME and EE with 3D to 2D graphics for professional simulation, it can be accurately positioned to T1 mold to mass production competency, eliminating the time needed of repair mode, extremely shorten the producing time and greatly reducing the cost of research and development. Our broad range of global patents add the maximum amount of responsibility and protection to our customers.  

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