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        SY technology is now a professional OEM / ODM foundry, specializing in the manufacture of a variety of home appliances, consumer electronics and communications products for customers. SY technology was established in 1988. It started with the design and manufacturing technology of transformer molds. For last 30 years, due to the innovation and development of products, quality requirements and market demand, SY technology has continuously expanded our business in all directions to meet customer needs including components manufacturing, mold design, product design and products production. In recent years, in response to industrial upgrades, a large number of automatic assembly machine and automatic processing machines have been introduced in production line and assembly line to provide customers with the most comprehensive total solutions. SY technology has never stopped innovating and developing new products that meet the needs of customers and the market since we have established. It has won the confidence and recognition of customers and suppliers. Today, our customers are in worldwide of the earth including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

        Regards to quality management, SY technology adheres to the goal of "quality is the life of an enterprise".  There are numbers of products obtaining patent certification approval. As for quality certification, it has also passed ISO-9001, ISO-14001, IATF-16949, ISO-13485 , USB Association, European Common Market CE certification and US and Canadian CUL certification.

       The diverse product line is the characteristic of SY technology. Now it has been divided into multiple business units, including the connector business unit, consumer products business, precision stamping products , antenna business unitand ,cable assembly,molds business, plastics and injection products business, home appliances business, Lighting Division ... etc., Step by step towards a full range of OEM / ODM foundries.

        In order to allow corporate sustainably, SY technology consist in the belief of our founder , "customer is definitely our glory, the customer's demand is all we require, and the commitment to perfection of the product is definitely our soul food. For all the customers who's willing to cooperate with SY technology , we adheres to the concept of "mutual cooperation",  and "coexists" with our customers. We'll never forget the importance of our customers so we'll always share the newest information with our customers, improve our production and design ability including the use of advanced analysis systems, improving manufacturing processing and testing equipment, and studying the newest technology for better service

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