UVC Sterilizer OEM/ODM/JDM

Sterilization, antibacterial has become a part of people's life since the beginning of 2020, but according to the research, the traditional method which using alcohol to sterilize,  is not suitable for the clothing, mobile phones, keys, bags, computers and other carry-on items. The latest sterilization method --- UVC, from Japan, the United States research and experimental confirmation, using its short wave length and high energy characteristics, bacteria and virus elimination rate, can be as high as 99% or higher with several seconds irradiation. With this new technology, bacteria and virus can disappear from personal daily life. Do you believe that the low price of the UVC sterilization machine, can quickly help you achieve the elimination of virus? SY technology is a professional DESIGN and manufacturer of UVC sterilizer machine, has been deeply engaged in this field for many years, the UVC LED of sterilization machine, are all from Japan and Taiwan famous company, never use unknown brands. For the sake of your health, we never compromise, accumulated many years of professional technology, in order to make everyone health!


SY-UV1 UVC Sterilizer

covid-19-resistant handheld sterilizer

O3 sterilizer


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