LED Lighting Business

WhyLED light? 

SY LED lighting business has been established for more than ten years. It mainly produces and sells all kinds of LED lamps and bulbs. At first, the founder went to a remote area of Taiwan to conduct service learning and found that there are many places in remote areas. The light bulbs are all damaged, but it is not easy to replace the light bulbs due to the remote mountain roads, and many families carry out activities in the absence of light sources. After seeing this phenomenon, the founder actively asked the major lighting manufacturers in Taiwan and abroad whether there are long-life bulbs that can be purchased. Manufacturers are discouraged and unwilling to develop, resulting in the lack of high-quality and long-life bulbs on the market. Because the founder lived in a remote village when he was a child, he could understand that he wanted to study but there was no light source, and the difficulties of life without lighting; at the same time, he also lamented the inferior quality of the lighting market, so he decided to set up an LED lighting business body, with limited company scale and capital, Pure dedication to give back to the society, I hope to improve the lighting environment for these villagers and children in remote areas, create a bright home, and also give people who grow up in this land, another high-quality choice.
Continued dedication:
Since its establishment, SY LED has donated LED light bulbs, LED light tubes, living necessities, and funds to many rural areas and social welfare organizations for many times, hoping to warm up the society with a small power.
Stick to your heart:
Starting from Taiwan, we insist on lighting products made in Taiwan, and we look forward to giving back the best product quality in Taiwan.
In 2020, SY LED in the random inspection results of the Taiwan Bureau of Standards, Inspection and Quarantine, SY LED passed all inspections  in Taiwan, SY will leave the best to everyone with favorable prices, excellent quality and the heart of giving back to the villagers.

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