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Why ChooseLED Light Bulbs Products? 

Money Saving:

In the beginning of LED development period, the price of LED light bulbs has no advantage over traditional light bulbs. Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, the price of LED bulbs is not far from the traditional bulbs. If considering the power consumption and electricity bills, SY LED bulbs are actually more economical than traditional bulbs, so it is worth buying. According to the different habits of consumers, the electricity bill will have different degrees of savings. The power consumption of SY LED is about 80% lower than that of traditional bulbs. Therefore, if you need to turn on the lighting for a long time, it is recommended to replace the SY LED bulb as soon as possible, which can save you a considerable amount of electricity bill every year.


Multi Color Temperature:

        When LEDs began to develop in the early years, the color temperature of the products was mostly white and blue. However, with the advancement of LED technology, SY LEDs have the ability to provide a variety of different color temperature bulbs, including warm yellow to blue. It can let the public choose the LED light bulb with their favorite color temperature according to the preference.         


Low Luminance Decay:

       Since the beginning of LED development, the market is full of low-quality LEDs. The brightness of many low-quality LED bulbs will obviously begin to weaken after a few months of use, and the decrease in brightness will affect the consumer's movement and vision, resulting in bad health effects. SY LED lighting bulbs are rigorously tested and inspected at the factory, and the lighting quality can be consistent for a long time.。

High Power Saving:

   There are many companies on the market who advertise high wattages to confuse consumers with the high brightness they buy. However, the wattage and brightness are not the same, and the wattage is the power consumption. For example, even lower wattage SY LED bulbs can provide brighter brightness for traditional wattages with higher wattage. Therefore, SY recommends that when consumers choose LED bulbs, in addition to wattage, please also check the lumens (lm) value of the representative brightness to avoid buying products that don't meet the requirement.

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