Smart Electronic Products

Wearable Equipment OEM / ODM /JDM

The generation of 5G is coming ! There is no need to develop the technology and get mor faster speed of network if no wearable devices on the body to express your personal characteristics and provide personal care.
Exclusively designed charging interface, using micro-B, pogo-pin as the basic connection interface of input/output, with one line integrated design and independent charging device design.
A strong R&D team works with customers to develop and manufacture different kinds of products that meet your needs.

Smart Wifi Power Strip OEM / ODM / JDM

The world now is the generation of Internet. Are you still worried that the equipment on the extension line is dangerous because people are not at home? The smart power strip with Wifi function is available now!You don't have to worry about the possibility of making your home appliances dangerous because you forget to turn off the switch if you choose our products whichcombined with the traditionalprotectionfunciton of power strip and adding WiFi function. Believe us, the strongest R&D design team works with you to develop and manufacture smart products belonging to this generation.


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