Consumer Electronics Products

Briefing Pen OEM / ODM /JDM 

Exclusive ID design, laser red and green light selection, simple three Kam design to multi-purpose air mouse type design, can also develop simple fingertips rocker game, can let lectures, brief introduction, in addition to more Clearly that paragraph outside, but also let the fingertips move, from scratch is our usual slogan, but also the only reliable customer strength. 

Power Bank OEM / ODM /JDM

2600mAh, 5200mAh, 10000mAh, lithium battery, 18650, specifications designed to help customers tailor the desired powerbank products, the output adapter for the standard USB connector, micro-b, TYPE-C, to add all kinds of applications LED lighting flashlight , USB fan, and even solar panels rechargeable battery into the customer to imagine, to achieve in sight        

Car Charger / Battery Charger OEM / ODM /JDM  

Special and professional ID design, Selectable colors for red, green , blue, black ,white... and so on. Support multi-port output including Type A and Type C output port.Support fast charging protocols including QC and PD. Professionalism is our attitude, and customer trust is our glory.









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