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Fed up with having the connection holes always on the same side or not enough holes on your computers? We provide you the HUB which can expand with any limit, and can support the efficient charging transmission HUB. The one is your home work essential equipment!

Briefing Pen OEM / ODM /JDM 

Exclusive ID design, laser red, green and blue color options, simple three-button design, multi-functional air mouse, can also develop a simple fingertip rocker game, which can let your fingertips move when you make the lecture, introduction, or others. To make it from zero to products,it is our consistent slogan and proof of the strength of our customers. 

Power Bank OEM / ODM /JDM

2600mAh, 5200mAh, 10000mAh lithium battery, 18650 and any specification design. We help our customers to design the desired Power bank products with output adapter for standard USB connector, micro-b, TYPE-C, and various application LED Lighting flashlights, USB fans, even solar panel rechargeable batteries are placed to meet the customer's requirement.

Car Charger / Battery Charger OEM / ODM /JDM  

Special and professional ID design, selectable colors for red, green , blue, black ,white... and so on. Support multi-port output including Type A and Type C output port.Support fast charging protocols including QC and PD. Professionalism is our attitude, and customer trust is our glory.

briefing-pen.jpg                                                       solar-powerbank-with-wireless-charger_en1.jpg 




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