Household Electrical Appliances

Hair Dryer OEM / ODM / JDM 

Light your life, blow your hair, make you beautiful! Anion, a new technology, is essential for hair dryer. Four-speed adjustment,  the most closed to the user habits, folding handle to put it away easier. The hair dryer let your hair  dry more quickly and moisturizing due to its fine calculation of the outlet and free collection of wind mouth. Professional overheating protection device, with patent protection, more secure with the national safety certification !  Select the SY tech. to be your best partner with the relative experience to meet  your needs.

Power Strips  OEM / ODM / JDM  

Can you accept the power strip cannot charge your phone in nowadays? Why you need to force yourself to accept the old style power strip without the charging function?Global specifications, customized, lightning surge protection module , charging module, safe design, combined with the progress of science and technology, WiFi power strip come out, wireless charging implant applications make it be a part of smart home. Professional ID design team, experienced production team, one-stop production strength, factory foundry. We are the best choice to meet the desire of customers!

Air Purifier OEM / ODM / JDM

Still wearing a mask to avoid the exhaust from environment?  Still close the window to block the exhaust from outside? Everyone definitely need personal air purifiers.From household to personal use, special styling, special features can be customized according to specifications with safe design. Clean air, let your every breath is as fresh as in the forest when you stay at home!There is a personal air purifier that definitely gives you a healthy life.The professional ID design team definitely gives everyone a unique shape personal air purifier! Select SY tech. , we make the world become better together.





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