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Hair Dryer OEM / ODM / JDM 

Light your life, blow your hair, make you beautiful! Anion, a new technology, is essential for hair dryer. Four-speed adjustment,  the most closed to the user habits, folding handle to put it away easier. The hair dryer let your hair  dry more quickly and moisturizing due to its fine calculation of the outlet and free collection of wind mouth. Professional overheating protection device, with patent protection, more secure with the national safety certification !  Select the SY tech. to be your best partner with the relative experience to meet  your needs.


Electric Fan OEM / ODM / JDM 

Do you think that to stay at home for a long time and turn on the air conditioner all day is not eco-friendly?  The electric fan in your home is always far away from you, so that you always feel very hot? SY's new electric fan is a multi-stage adjusting fan with rechargeable, retractable and battery can be charged by USB port. With real verification, it shows that the  the hot air is taken away instantly and feel cool in very short period. It is a necessary product for everyone in this hot summer. If you need customized one, choose SY as your partner, we believe any of your needs will be able to meet.


Hair dryer

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