Small Household Electrical Appliances

Hair dryer
New technology anion essential, four-speed adjustment, a moment of cold, the most choice of the most close to the user habits, folding handle to facilitate storage, safety and safety of the whole project safety and safety, fine calculation of the outlet and free collection of wind Mouth, let you use it more quickly let the hair dry and moisturizing, professional overheating protection device, with exclusive patent protection, through the national 3C certification more secure! Light your life, blow your hair, make you beautiful Do not want to! Brand blessing, select the foundry for the functional choice more flexible to meet customer needs.
Extension cord
Global specifications custom, lightning protection module implantation, safer design, coupled with the progress of science and technology, wifi extension cord come out, wireless charging implant applications, and a part of intelligent home. USB mobile phone charging module popularity , The extension of the line can not charge the phone? Can not charge the phone extension line in this generation you can accept it? Professional ID design team, experienced production team, one-stop production strength, factory foundry the best choice , To meet the desire of customers from scratch!

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