Sustainable Management

Social responsibility

As a citizen of the earth, Shengyih Technology Co., Ltd. cares about environmental protection, employee safety, health and hygiene, and sustainable development of the company. It supports and complies with the NINE principles of the United Nations on human rights, labor standards and environmental protection, and actively promotes various management practices and certifications.

Limitation the use of harmful substances

The raw materials, packaging materials and additives used in the manufacturing process used in the products manufactured by Shengyih Technology Co., Ltd. meet the RoHS six prohibited substances standard content and RoHS exclusion provisions.

Declaration on the prohibition of conflict minerals

For minerals from the democratic republic of the Congo and its neighboring regions (gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten) caused by armed conflict in the process of mining and trading day, the United States with will formulate laws about conflict minerals, requires public company revealed in its supply chain conflict mineral information, avoid using from the product raw material and production process of minerals. Shengyih Technology Co., Ltd. does not directly purchase these metals and has also told its suppliers that it does not use conflict minerals.

Integrity and Ethics Policy 

Integrity management and propaganda to all employees not to engage in any illegal business behavior, and strictly abide by the principle of avoiding conflicts of interest, and prohibit receiving any form of benefits.

Social Engagement Policy

Social Engagement Policy
Operating with integrity and cultivating social values, long-term support for special schools, fire service brigades and other public welfare organizations.

California 65

California Proposition 65, 1986 - Protects drinking water sources from chemicals and other toxic chemicals associated with cancer, birth defects and reproductive hazards. Businesses operating in California are required to provide consumers with a product warning if the product contains or is exposed to any of the chemicals and chemical substances listed in the Law.

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